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Outplacement Services


We offer a full range of executive, individual and group programs with flexible service options for the highest quality career-transition coaching and support. Because each candidate is unique, we offer our customized solutions, tailored to meet the needs of the sponsoring company and the goals of the candidate. Each candidate has access to our robust portal to support every aspect of the job search.



Outplacement Services Include:

  • One-on-one private and confidential sessions with your Senior Career Consultant.

  • Explore your career options and evaluate alternatives.

  • Free financial consultation and planning.

  • Research on current market opportunities.

  • Formulation of a job search plan.

  • Preparation of a resume, bio, and other key materials.

  • 20 on-demand training classes covering every aspect of career transition.

  • Resources and support to engage in more entrepreneurial pursuits, like franchising.

  • Interview strategy and coaching.

  • Coaching on strategy and tactics during your search.

  • Coaching on handling compensation and offer negotiations.

  • Coaching for on-boarding after you secure a new opportunity.

  • Targeted support and resources for transitioning to active or semi-active retirement.

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We Mitigate The Risk Of Downsizing 

CMP realizes layoffs and restructures are some of the most difficult decisions leaders make. CMP helps you manage through this process by helping protect your brand, reduce the risk of litigation and workers compensation expenses while doing the right thing for those affected.


What Our Clients Say

  • Your organization is superior in all respects. The knowledge, experience and human skills of your professionals is best I have ever worked with. Job transition at any age is hard and my consultant made the transition easier.

    CMP Client

  • My career coach was simply outstanding and I am very thankful to have been assigned to her. She was very inspirational and helped me maintain perspective when I needed it most. She was very helpful and I have the tools I need to find my perfect position and be successful. Thank you for everything!

    CMP Client

  • My consultant has been an inspiration to me. She has not only helped me with my resume, cover letter but has been compassionate and a “shoulder” during my transition of finding new employment. I can’t say enough about her professionalism, knowledge and ability to make me smile

    CMP Client