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MentorRINGS™ is a powerful women’s leadership development program that provides an action learning experience with a unique blend of executive coaching and peer mentoring.


MentorRINGS™ utilizes a proven group mentoring model. Each Ring is facilitated by a certified Mentor and Executive Coach, who deliver the best mentoring, career development, and leadership effectiveness, helping women excel in their organizations and careers. 

CMP Women's Leadership Mentoring Program
Designed for high-potential women who are manager level and above, MentorRINGS™ helps women build and strengthen their leadership capabilities and executive presence.
MentorRINGS™ includes 5 Full Day Learning Sessions, a LeaderView Assessment, and Individual Coaching. Each Cohort will be a maximum of 12 women from different companies who bring multi-functional and multi-industry experience into a mastermind-type setting. 

Overarching Goal

Enable affordable, effective growth and development of key performers and high-potential women working for organizations seeking to attract, retain, and develop the high-quality female talent required for the success of the business.


An Affordable, Powerful Learning Model
with a Strong ROI


Participant Benefits
  • Individualized assessment
  • Developmental and executive coaching
  • Greater confidence, self-awareness, and mastery as a leader
  • Activities that challenge and support participants in moving outside of their comfort zones to a new level of effectiveness
  • Enhanced leadership, influence, and executive presence
  • Opportunities to apply and practice the learnings in a safe and supportive space
  • Opportunities to mastermind greater success and results within the group
  • Development of powerful, strategic relationships and access to an extensive alumni network
  • Built-in accountability for execution and professional development

Organizational Benefits 

  • Supports recruiting, retention, and engagement
  • Supports diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Builds the leadership pipeline
  • Proven program with immediate returns
  • Tied to performance
  • Supports career development
  • Built-in accountability for action and results
  • Budget-friendly and cost-effective development solution for high-potential and key performers


5 Live Sessions

Leadership Identities

Identifying Your Leadership Values & Styles

  • Leadership Competencies
  • Leadership Values & Styles
  • Signature Strengths
  • Leading vs. Managing

Leading with Executive Presence & Credibility

Leveraging Your Personal Power & Effectiveness

  • Elevating Your Communication
  • Building Influence & Relationships
  • Cracking the EP Code—Strengthening Your Impact
  • Mentor & Sponsor Relationships

Leadership Agility

Creating Your Organizational Effectiveness

  • Strategic Planning & Agility
  • Decision-Making
  • Communication & Crucial Conversations
  • Developing Others

Inspiring Performance & Productivity

Enhancing Your Leadership Approach

  • High-Impact Team Development
  • Diversity, Inclusion & Engagement
  • Delivering Results 
  • Emotional Intelligence

Sustaining Your Leadership

Maintaining Agility, Engagement & Energy

  • Setting Expectations
  • Avoiding Leadership Hiccups
  • Courageous Leadership
  • Managing Your Mindset & Energy

MentorRINGS™ provides women with the opportunity for significant growth and development that translates to bottom-line results. Discounts are offered for 2-3 people sponsored by an organization.  

 COHORT SESSION DATE: April 19th, 2024

What People Are Saying About MentorRINGS™

  • Participating in MentorRINGS™ is an exceptional opportunity to be surrounded by talented, remarkable women who drive you to become better. I learned tips to become a more authentic leader and have not only adapted a new mindset but put new practices in place.

    Erica McNamara

    MPH, CPHQ, Senior Manager, Change Management | American College of Surgeons

  • MentorRINGS™ helps you build your confidence to go after opportunities that you may not have gone after before by teaching you different leadership and communication methods. It was the perfect program for me at the perfect time. MentorRINGS™ allowed me to spend time on myself and my development as a leader and as a person.

    Jennifer Perr

    Sustainability Director | Hi-Cone, a division of ITW

  • MentorRINGS™ assessments and group sessions helped me to understand my signature strengths and articulate my unique qualities. Providing a safe and engaging environment, surrounded by an amazing group of female leaders and peers, the experience surpassed my expectations. I would recommend the MentorRINGS™ experience to any woman trying to navigate and balance professional and personal excellence.

    Juliet Moon

    Manager of Facilities Planning | Shure Inc.

  • I participated in the MentorRINGS™ program in 2016. It was a unique learning experience. I always look forward to participating in the Alumni forums and events since. I found tremendous value in networking with my peers and being able to bounce off ideas in a comfortable environment. I gained tremendous insights into leveraging my brand and making enhancements to my leadership style. If you are looking for Leadership Development, I highly recommend you participate in the MentorRINGS™ program.

    Michelle Lee

    Director of Human Resources, People & Culture Leader | Profile Products

  • When I was nominated for the MentorRINGS™ program, my thoughts ran from, "I don’t have time" to "I’m not qualified to participate." And then I came to my senses. Through the MentorRINGS™ program, I learned to put more focus on becoming a better leader and how it impacts my team and the organization as a whole. Not only do you learn from the many years of experience from the program coach, but you learn from the others sitting around the table who are all in different industries and stages of their career but facing similar challenges. If you’re looking for a way to impact your career and take your leadership to the next level, I highly recommend spending the time to participate in MentorRINGS™. It is a worthwhile investment.

    Diane Urbanski

    Senior Manager, IT Strategic Projects | American College of Surgeons

  • Over the past few years, I have sponsored several team members for the MentorRINGS™ program. From my perspective, the program has provided each participant with a unique opportunity, resulting in personal and professional growth and benefiting the business with a new perspective. These leaders have brought in new ideas resulting in process improvements, organizational nimbleness, customer centricity, and overall value creation. I highly recommend the MentorRINGS™ program for any high-potential team members.

    James Miranda

    Private Equity CFO

  • MentorRINGS™ is a fantastic small group coaching program with a lot of individual attention. I enjoyed that it helped me develop strategic relationships with other female leaders and provided a community of like-minded individuals who are facing similar challenges. The comradery, shared experiences, brainstorming solutions, and encouragement helped build lasting connections. I would highly recommend MentorRINGS™ to women who are in the early stages of their leadership careers and aspire to move into senior leadership roles. I still refer to my learnings 7 years later!

    Eva Jelezova

    Global Director Product Management | Marcom

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