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We Build Capability and Performance

Our commitment to providing a solid ROI means CMP uses customized, measurable solutions to build the talent necessary to execute your strategy. Our Leadership Development Team assesses the current state of your organizational teams and identifies opportunities to improve employee retention and engagement.

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Leadership Assessment

Achieve deep awareness and targeted development through assessment. 

The key to development is gaining deeper insight into the employees' capabilities, weaknesses, and risks and engaging in meaningful development activities. CMP selects from an extensive library of self-insight and validated assessments to provide each participant with a powerful development experience.

Executive Coaching

Achieve measurable and sustainable change through CMP executive coaching.

CMP's coaching methodology is relationship-enabled, assessment-driven, and outcome-focused. It combines a clinical and process-oriented approach to behavior transformation with experience that comes from decades of leadership coaching.

Leadership Training

Develop people and capabilities that fit your strategy and culture.

CMP leverages an extensive content and training library to provide teams and organizations with high-impact solutions. We provide best practices for sustainable impact. The development curriculum is refined to reinforce the organization's unique priorities and desired culture.

Coaching for ROI: Design Executive Coaching for Measurable Impact


As organizations consider how to build the credibility and impact of coaching within their companies, it is critical to be thoughtful in the design of each coaching engagement and coaching program.

To measure the impact clearly and definitively, we made our coaching programs into a two-phased, five-step process, operationalizing our key coaching principles outlined in this eBook. This approach builds upon years of experience learning to meet clients’ expectations to measure and leverage their coaching investment.


What Our Clients Say

  • Really appreciate the discussion, it was significant insight for me to inform my decisions re succession planning going forward. Thanks so much.

    Healthcare Facility

  • I have worked with CMP for several years and have always found their services to be excellent. They bring the same top-notch performance to all assignments, large or small.

    Director, HR

    Logistics Company