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CMP coaching combines a clinical and process-oriented approach to behavior transformation
with experience that comes from decades of leadership coaching.

Our Clients

CMP is a proud minority and woman-owned business.


CMP combines a process-oriented approach to behavior transformation with the experience that comes from decades of leadership coaching.

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CMP Coaches are former executives who draw from “been there” experience and consultative skills they have refined through recognized certifications and years coaching. CMP Coaches are supported by a coaching community and continuous development on contemporary coaching tools and methodologies. This commitment underscores CMP’s dedication to delivering high-quality coaching that aligns with the dynamic needs of today's leaders.


CMP Coaches have an expanded range of resources to address diverse client needs and challenges. Every participant is granted the opportunity to allocate coaching hours to work with clinical specialists, tackling issues like anxiety, insomnia, and adjustment challenges. This ensures a holistic approach to coaching to support the broader well-being of individuals.



  • Assessment Driven – an upfront assessment provides deep insights into the source code of sustainable development.

  • Outcome Focused – clear coaching objectives ensures progress is calibrated and all coaching activities are aligned with meaningful outcomes.

  • Relationship Enabled – the Coach brings “been there” experience and credibility, in creating a safe and challenging environment for the Coachee.
  • Participant Focused – coaching is organized around the unique needs of the Coachee, and his/her areas of development focus.

  • Time bound – to ensure focus, coaching is given a clear beginning and end date after the initial assessment phase.

  • Ongoing Feedback Loops – Coachee progress is reviewed regularly and used to calibrate and focus coaching efforts.



“My coach helped me make major strides in overcoming obstacles this year. She is a fantastic listener, she provided practical and actionable advice, and gave me the tools I needed to help overcome several sensitive situations I dealt with this year. I don't think I could have made it through without her!”

National Association of REALTORS®, Director of Member Experience

“Significant progress was made. My coach was engaging, pushed my beliefs at the perfect times, and provided exceptional feedback in every circumstance. I was hesitant about the process before beginning, but cannot speak highly enough of the process she laid out and the incredible person that she is. 100% would recommend this experience with CMP.”

University of Texas Arlington, CFO

Executive Coaching

CMP's coaching methodology is relationship-enabled, assessment-driven, and outcome-focused. It combines a clinical and process-oriented approach to behavior transformation with experience that comes from decades of executive leadership and certified coaching techniques.

Targeted Coaching

The key to development is gaining deeper insight into the employees' capabilities, weaknesses, and risks and engaging in meaningful development activities. CMP selects from an extensive library of self-insight and validated assessments to provide each participant with a powerful development experience.

Team Coaching

CMP leverages an extensive content and training library to provide teams and organizations with high-impact solutions. We provide best practices for sustainable impact. The development curriculum is refined to reinforce the organization's unique priorities and desired culture.

97% Sustained Impact Score

Our commitment to providing a solid ROI means CMP uses customized, measurable solutions to build the talent necessary to execute your strategy. Our Leadership Development Team assesses the current state of your organizational teams and identifies opportunities to improve employee retention and engagement.


What Our Clients Say

  • Insightful, dedicated, resourceful, and supportive, my coach was committed to helping individuals succeed. Pulling from years of insight and experience, she offered solid guidance and genuine feedback along with creative and thoughtful ways to approach career search and outreach. She was a wonderful person to work with! Thank you, CMP!

    Orly J.

  • Relaxed and well-conducted discussions.

    Michael Finley, MD

    Chief Medical Officer

  • My coach's energy was so positive, it was like having a conversation with a longtime friend. She was extremely insightful and gave me so much good information and excellent advice. I can’t thank her enough.

    Ray L.

  • I have really enjoyed my time with my coach. It has been an insightful and challenging journey, and I look forward to working together over the next few months.

    David Pearce

    System Director, Managed Care

CMP Coaching is designed for measurable
and sustainable impact.


An upfront assessment provides deeper insight into the participant’s strengths, gaps, and predispositions. A personalized validated assessment tool is utilized.


Clear and observable coaching outcomes are identified. This ensures progress is calibrated and all coaching activities are aligned with meaningful outcomes.


Participants are matched with a CMP-certified coach who creates a safe and challenging environment for the coachee.

CMP Executive Coaching

Our coaching comes from direct experience.

CMP Coaches are former executives who draw from their experience and consultative skills refined through years of coaching executives. Executive Coaching supports the coachee's performance in their current role and develops their potential for larger roles.

Coaching is customized to the needs of each participant while utilizing the following 7-phased approach:

  • 1

Getting Started

The initial stage builds rapport and understanding to create a relationship of trust.

  • 2


Clarify the coaching focus and derive deeper insights into the participant profile to ensure the coaching provides meaningful support and sustainable change.

  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6

Facilitating Change

Coaching objectives are prioritized, and action plans are established with measurable goals and timeframes.

  • 7

Maintaining Momentum

The final progress review with the coach, resulting in the development of a structured sustainability plan.


What Our Executive Clients Say

  • My coach was great. She quickly built trust with me, was an active listener, and encouraged me to guide my own development while laying the appropriate groundwork to help me identify focus areas. She struck a great balance between letting me find my own answers and stepping in to make suggestions when necessary. I really enjoyed working with my coach.

    Steve Anderson

    CFO and Actuary, Health Plans and Population Health

  • This coaching has exceeded my expectations. After being in a leadership position at the local level for the last 20+ years, I must admit I wasn’t sure how much coaching I needed. But working with my coach has certainly enhanced my self-reflection and has really been helpful during my role transition. The strategies we have discussed have been relevant to my role and have been very applicable. There is nothing I feel that needs to change.

    Gayle Dasher

    System Director, Nursing Practice and Standards

  • My coach was excellent. I am an experienced leader, but there is always room to grow, especially while navigating a new organization. I had not worked with a professional coach before and therefore wasn’t sure how much value it would bring. However, I found the sessions to be very helpful, especially in talking through or validating ideas I had for addressing certain situations.

    Jennifer Collier

    VP of Revenue Cycle

CMP Targeted Coaching

Optimize your talent with proven coaching.

The key to development is gaining deeper insight into the employees' capabilities, weaknesses, and risks.

Targeted Coaching supports key success areas, including:

  • Performance management
  • Communication and influence
  • Onboarding into a new role
  • Meeting management
  • Effective presentations
  • Board engagement
  • Executive presence

What Our Targeted Coaching Clients Say

  • I don’t think I could have been paired up with a better coach for me. His coaching style was great and worked very well. I learned a lot from him. He challenged me. Most of my learning was from within myself, and my coach was able to bring it out of me. I am extremely grateful for the time I was able to spend with my CMP coach.

    Bryan Parker

    Manager, Digital HR

CMP Coaches follow key behavioral change principles
in supporting sustainable change.


Coaching is organized around the participant's unique needs and development focus areas. Our agile coaching support will consider participant needs regarding timing, content, commitments, and assignments.


A validated assessment with peer insights ensures the coaching focuses on the source-code issues needed for sustained change.


Coaching is focused on key observable areas of focus. Change will be achieved through customized action and sustainability plans targeting these behaviors.


Coaching results are achieved with clear beginning and end dates, including success outcomes defined by specified milestones throughout the program.


Coaching includes process and outcome measures that clearly define the ROI of the CMP coaching process.

Short Feedback Loops

Participant progress is reviewed regularly and used to calibrate and focus coaching efforts.

CMP Team Coaching

Create the path to high performance.

The direct impact or “drag coefficient” of ineffective top team dynamics has been shown to negatively impact revenues by 20-30%.

Thousands of teams have used CMP methodology and facilitation to build the collaborative culture and synergy critical for high performance.

Team Performance Path

The Team Performance Path provides a framework to assess the current state of team performance and the steps needed to move teams to high performance.

CMP consultants combine the art and science of team development to provide proven solutions to assess the team’s current state and move them forward confidently.

Individual work



Personal Engagement














What Team Coaching Attendees Say

  • We have used CMP and their team framework for over three years to onboard new leaders and kickstart new leadership teams. It has had a huge impact on our engagement and performance. I give the CMP team process and people the highest recommendation.

    Brad Sanders


  • My team had struggled for over a year. The CMP session addressed the underlying barriers—the lack of trust and alignment that was inhibiting team performance. We emerged from the session with deeper familiarity, trust, and alignment. The Team feels so much better and is achieving results . . . the whole organization sees the difference.

    Mark Stevens


CMP Coaching Thought Leadership

Deep experience combined with contemporary solutions.

CMP coaches combine deep experience and recognized certifications with contemporary solutions. We actively support the advancement of thought leadership and impactful coaching solutions.

Coaching for ROI: Design Executive Coaching for Measurable Impact


As organizations consider how to build the credibility and impact of coaching in their companies, it is critical to be thoughtful in the design of each coaching engagement and coaching program.

To measure the impact clearly and definitively, we made our coaching programs into a two-phased, five-step process, operationalizing our key coaching principles, which are outlined in this eBook. This approach builds upon years of experience learning how to meet clients’ expectations to measure and leverage their coaching investment.


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