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Leadership & Professional Training

CMP applies best practices to the design and deployment of training to embed the capabilities in the day-to-day work of leaders and professionals.

Training Best Practices for Sustainable Impact

Strategically Aligned

The development curriculum is refined to reinforce the unique priorities and desired culture of the organization. This includes the use of relevant examples and activities. The training will have the look and feel of a solution tailored for the company, not an off-the-shelf generic solution.

Competency Enabled

Training and development is focused on the skills and behaviors needed to effectively manage within the company. Competencies are used to develop the curriculum; and create a common language and framework for development.

Measurement Driven

To gauge and reinforce the impact of the training investment, CMP will introduce key measures to assess and reinforce the use of the competencies. This is done through both process and outcome measures.

Facilitate Application and Accountability

For the newly acquired competencies to “stick” they need to be used soon after the session. To facilitate this, CMP generally develops a modular approach in which participants learn and apply the new behaviors immediately back on the job.

Sample Clients

Proven Content

CMP draws from a library of training and adjusts the content, providing proven and
customized content cost effectively.

Available Training Titles

CMP adjusts the content to ensure it translates to the day-to-day needs of leaders in the client organization.


  • Leading Yourself and Others – Deep Assessment & Development
  • Developing Mission, Vision & Values
  • Leading for Alignment & Accountability
  • Coaching and Developing People
  • Assessing and Developing Next Generation Leaders
  • Leading Teams for High Performance
  • Effective Reward and Recognition


  • Assessing and Developing for Team Performance – Hogan Based
  • Teams & Type – MBTI Based
  • Leading Across Cultures
  • Forming High Performing Teams

Human Capital

  • Behavioral-Based Interviewing
  • Financial Basics
  • Communicating for Results
  • Managing Conflict Resolution

Career - Engagement

  • Your Career From The Inside-Out
  • From Engagement to INgagement
  • The Core of Employee Retention and Motivation

Custom Training

Custom training is optimal if the training content, objectives and/or environment have unique requirements. CMP utilizes an established training design methodology to develop high-impact custom training.

CMP Training – Development to Delivery

Group 33

Define Requiements

Define training objectives, audience and strategic alignment.

Group 33


Review cycle to refine and align on training objectives & outcomes.

Group 33


Design and develop content for sustainable development.

Group 33


Deliver training with post session support and measure impact.

Leadership & Professional Skills

Making it Stick


Emphasis is on experiential learning - stories, experiences, and examples.


Create individual action items to enable application of learning on the job.


Engage with the skill directly. Focus on localized examples and practice.

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