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CMP Talent Assessment Solutions help our clients hire, promote and develop great talent at all levels.

A well-validated, integrated and aligned talent assessment program drives higher retention, engagement, and performance. 

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to Predict Fit and Develop Performance.

  • Validated and Benchmarked Talent Assessments for All Position Levels and Industries
  • Talent Assessment Science Consultation and Best Practices
  • Talent Assessments for Selection, Promotion, and Development

Your Trusted Assessment Partner

Let CMP implement an assessment-based selection strategy to yield maximum value when hiring and promoting talent. A robust and effective selection system contains intentional steps that provide recruiters and hiring managers with predictive tools and increased structure, resulting in greater accuracy and consistency in their decision-making.

  • Pre-employment Selection Assessments

  • Competency Modeling and Job Analysis

  • Full-cycle Selection Consultation and Best Practices

Let CMP help you improve retention, development and retention with tools that are right for you. Focus on ROI provides developmental assessment strategy that moves the talent dial and provides ROI for your organization. For new hires and existing employees that includes a developmental assessment is a much more meaningful and impactful experience.

  • Developmental Talent Assessments

  • 360 Degree Feedback

  • Leadership Development Best Practices

Talent Assessment Advantage E-Book

Understanding the critical role of talent, an increasing number of companies are using psychometric assessment to support key aspects of their talent lifecycle – from increasing their ability to hire and onboard the right talent, to enhancing their ability to identify high-potentials and develop leaders across the company. Effective use of validated assessment provides companies with a competitive talent advantage.


Industries Served by CMP

  • Hospitality / Food Service

  • Retail

  • PE / VC Firms

  • Manufacturing

  • Healthcare

  • Real Estate / Construction

  • Financial Institutions

  • Banking

  • Supply Chain

  • Non-Profit Organizations

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