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Reach and Speed

Leveraging our deep and broad network, we surface candidates quickly. CMP does not have the "hands-off" restraints many search firms have.

executive search recruitment

Ready Candidates

By utilizing validated assessment to predict fit, we won't waste your time with bad candidates.

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Retention Guarantee

We provide a superb candidate experience, deeper and richer candidate insights, and a one-year guarantee.

CMP Executive Search Advantage

  • National and Global Reach — We source deep and broad for talent through CMP and partner offices.

  • Empirical about Fit — Through validated assessment and proven sourcing and interviewing protocols, we predict role, strategy, and culture fit, backed up by a one-year guarantee.

  • High-Touch and High-Tech — Each search has a dedicated lead supported by an industry-best team and technology.


  • Performance Model — We fill the role promptly with the right talent.

  • Complementary Outplacement Practice — We provide a uniquely deep talent pool.

  • Diversity — As a minority and woman-owned business, we are actively engaged in creating a more inclusive and equitable world. We have a broad rolodex of top, diverse talent.

Talent Assessment Advantage: Your Guide for Leveraging Assessment to Predict Fit and Develop Performance


To understand the critical role of talent, an increasing number of companies are using psychometric assessment to support key aspects of their talent lifecycle—from increasing their ability to hire and onboard the right talent to enhancing their ability to identify high-potentials and develop leaders across the company. Effective use of validated assessment provides companies with a competitive talent advantage.

We have prepared the Talent Assessment Advantage eBook as a resource for you to understand assessment at a deeper level and gain insights into how assessments can play a crucial role in predicting fit and selecting talent.