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CMP Webinar Navigating Leadership Succession - 2024

Online Webinar:

Navigating Leadership Succession:

Key Practices to Identify and Develop Future Leaders

Organizational longevity and legacy require effective succession planning.

Effective leadership succession planning is vital for long-term organizational success in the dynamic business landscape. This webinar will explore the intricacies of identifying leadership potential using the innovative "4C" model, a robust framework designed to measure the probability of success in future leadership roles, and the 8 core experiences crucial for success. 

Things you will learn:

Introduction to the 4C Model: Comprehend the foundational aspects of the 4C model—Competence, Commitment, Culture Fit, and Coachability. This serves as the basis for identifying leadership potential.

Application of the 4C Model: Apply the 4C model to assess and foster emerging leaders within your organization, ensuring effective leadership identification and development.

Successors, Not Replacements: Examine the distinctive attributes and capabilities required for future leaders in your company. Emphasize the significance of cultivating successors over merely finding replacements, guaranteeing a smooth transition and sustained organizational excellence.

8 Core Experiences for Leadership Transformation: Discover the eight crucial core experiences essential for transforming high-potential employees into highly successful leaders. Gain insights into how these experiences contribute to the holistic development of leaders prepared for future challenges.

Immediate Impact on Bottom Line: Unearth the immediate positive impact on the bottom line by prioritizing "leader-centric" development. Learn strategies and tactics to align leadership development initiatives with business goals, enhancing both individual and organizational performance.

Motivating Executives for Succession Development: Explore effective strategies for motivating current executives to actively engage in the development and mentoring of their future successors. Understand the benefits of fostering a collaborative leadership culture within your organization.

Blueprint for Building Succession Planning: Acquire a comprehensive blueprint for establishing a succession planning program throughout the entire enterprise. Learn practical steps, best practices, and key considerations to secure your company's future through strategic succession planning.

Join us for this insightful webinar to gain actionable strategies and practical insights that will empower your organization to identify, develop, and retain the future leaders crucial for long-term success.  

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Joe Frodsham

President | CMP

Joe is President of Career Management Partners (CMP), a talent and transition firm focused on recruiting, development, career transition, and outplacement solutions. CMP has national and global delivery.

Before moving into the consulting world, Joe served as the Vice President of Talent and Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Tenet Healthcare, the largest publicly-owned hospital chain in the United States. Before Tenet, Joe was the Global Director of Leadership Development at the Whirlpool Corporation, helping the company achieve a national ranking as the 11th best company for leaders, according to the annual Hewitt study.  He has published a number of articles, co-authored two seminal books on careers––Make It Work and Don't Dread Monday: Your Guide to Career Success—and is a speaker and recognized expert on careers, employee engagement, leadership development, organization development, and talent systems.