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CMP executive assessment helps you hire smart, and onboard leaders effectively.

The CMP executive assessment process goes below the surface to highlight the key strengths, gaps/risks and potential of candidates. Our tools are rigorous and efficient, with results available real-time – we provide predictive insights without slowing down the hiring process.

Key features include:

  • Alignment of the assessment with strategy, culture and role requirements
  • Quantitative benchmark data on key predictors of executive success
  • Qualitative summary of fit against requirements of the role
  • Overall fit recommendation
  • Verbal debrief to ensure candidates fully leverage the assessment results for performance improvement and development


That is the CMP Executive Assessment Advantage.

  • Predicts Winners: Our assessments are scientifically validated and aligned uniquely for each client.
  • Works Virtually: The full assessment experience can be conducted anywhere and at any time.
  • Timely Results: We assess interview and provide results with no delay.
  • Is Customizable: Our reports can be structured using your performance criteria.
  • Drives Value:We provide maximum benefit and impact at a reasonable price.

Aberdeen Group Study.

Companies Using Assessments Found:

39% Lower Turnover
24% Exceeding Performance Goals

Results Across Industries


 National Hospitality Company

Introduced Executive Pre-hire Assessment in 2009:

  • Desired retention increased 45%.
  • Engagement scores showed year-over-year improvement for 8 years.
  • Growth & performance moved from mediocre to benchmark for last 6 years.
  • Consistently rated as a top place to work.

Raising Cane’s

Our transformation started when we upgraded our executive hiring with assessment & rigor.

customer (1)

  Large Social Services Non-profit

Introduced Executive Pre-hire Assessment in 2011:

  • Unwanted attrition dropped to single digits.
  • Contributions & growth regained momentum.
  • Had the leadership talent to successfully execute the largest capital campaign in state history.  

North Texas Food Bank

We have made a dent in hunger insecurity thanks to hiring and investing in the right leadership talent. The insights from executive assessment make all the difference


  Regional Healthcare System

Introduced Assessment for System Director+ & Hospital C-suite Roles in 2007:

  • Executive attrition decreased – more stability and capacity in leadership.
  • Five years of annual improvement in hospital clinical & financial outcomes.

Tenet Healthcare

Getting the executive equation right has positively impacted every meaningful aspect of the hospital system.


  National Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance

Introduced Level-based Assessments For Staff VP, VP & EVP Roles in 2019:

  • Assessments statistically predictive of performance across several leadership competencies.
  • Behavioral and cognitive measures correlate significantly with executive potential.

Anthem Insurance

Hiring and promoting executive talent through validated assessment has supported systemic change and growth

Talent Assessment Advantage: Your Guide for Leveraging Assessment to Predict Fit and Develop Performance

Understanding the critical role of talent, an increasing number of companies are using psychometric assessment to support key aspects of their talent lifecycle – from increasing
their ability to hire and onboard the right talent, to enhancing their ability to identify high-potentials and develop leaders across the company. Effective use of validated assessment provides companies with a competitive talent advantage.

We have prepared the Talent Assessment Advantage eBook as a resource for you to understand assessment at a deeper level and gain insights into how assessments can play
a crucial role in predicting fit and higher talent selection.