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Our Trusted Partner

Arbora Global Career Partners

Arbora Global Career Partners is a human resources consulting firm that supports organizations and individuals through change and transformation. Bringing together over 30 career firms across 5 continents, Arbora Global Career Partners assures customers a broad suite of talent management services and a deep base of experienced talent experts.

Our Trusted Partner


ExecuSmart provides organizations with top-level, industry-proven assessments, resulting in better analytic data to achieve the greatest return from your human capital. Together, CMP and ExecuSmart offer the highest level of prediction and impact with assessment solutions that take the guesswork out of talent selection and development.

Our Trusted Partner

Yield Financial Advisors

Yield Financial Advisors develops financial strategies that ensure your goals are successful, whatever they may be! Especially during career transition, there are a lot of financial questions and concerns. Making sound financial decisions during this time is imperative to put your mind at ease and consider options and tax impact, among other things. Together with Yield Financial Advisors, we offer a free one-hour financial planning consultation to address these topics.

Our Trusted Partner

RPI Financial Life Planners

RPI focuses on helping people who are going through transitions. Through their personal approach of identifying your future needs and providing direction on your financial plans, they can give you the reassurance and financial guidance you need to help you survive your transition financially.
Our Trusted Partner

The Entrepreneur Authority

The Entrepreneur Authority (TEA) provides a free franchise consulting service to individuals considering franchise ownership. TEA acts as a matchmaker, guiding potential investors through the maze of options and even helping them secure financing and legal assistance. They are known as the dream TEAm in the franchise industry due to their award-winning process and experienced group of Certified Franchise Executives—the highest accreditation in the industry.


MentorRings™ is a women’s leadership program providing a dynamic 4 Month Action Learning Experience and a unique blend of executive coaching and mentoring. Through a series of 7 learning experiences, including one-on-one and group forums, MentorRings™ provides women with the opportunity for significant growth and development that translates to bottom-line results.


Board Options

As a part of our commitment to helping businesses find top talent, one of our critical roles is helping executives transition onto Boards and helping Boards find members that fit the unique needs of the Board and the company. If you are looking to serve on a Board or are a Board in search of a Board member with a unique set of skills, Board Options is an efficient method to find a match. Visit: www.boardoptions.com.




What Our Clients Say

  • My coach gave me lots of great advice and helped me recreate my resume and improve my LinkedIn profile. She made me look at my transition through a different lens, helping me focus on the long-term strategy and have some patience in the process.

    Vizient Candidate

  • My coach remembered specific details about my wants and needs. She personalized the sessions by asking great, thought-provoking, open-ended questions that analyzed my aspirations.

    Dennis Webb


  • My coach's emotional intelligence and career coaching expertise are incomparable.

    Vizient Candidate