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Talent management and recruiting are now key areas of focus for capital markets firms, according to new data from private equity advisor BluWave. In fact, their most recent study shows that “the top three categories for value creation investment in 2020 Q2 were executive and staff recruiting, hiring interim leadership and growth/go-to market strategy.” This new trend comes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and related industry disruptions. 

“The data shows that people matter now more than ever,” said Sean Mooney, CEO of BluWave 


The Problem

In a dynamic and uncertain environment adaptable, capable and diverse talent is needed more than ever . . .

  • There is a high “fail-out “ Rate for PE Portfolio CEO’s (50%) & CFO’s (70%)
  • For most PE firms there is no real process for accurately selecting and developing talent


Why it Matters?

The “financial drag” of ineffective leaders is often measured to be in the millions. Timely and accurate selection and development of leaders is especially critical for Private Equity and their portfolio companies


The Solution

Talent analytics that provide predictive insight into leadership performance and potential, informing selection and targeted development

CMP Private Equity Solutions . . .

Bringing greater rigor to talent selection and development

The demands of Private Equity are often different than that of public, family, or other ownership structures.
There is often more urgency and a heightened focus on realizing tangible value.
Private equity portfolio companies need talent solutions that provide:

  • Predictive insights – answering the question “who do I bet on?” when acquiring a company, hiring a leader, and positioning talent in new roles.
  • Timely development – answering the question “how can I support this person to be successful?” when providing targeted insights and coaching for real-time impact.  Coaching to build and support the pipeline could be important too.
  • Reduction-in-force support – answering the question “how do I conduct a compassionate layoff and reduce the risk to the company?”  when restructuring the company.

Hear from Private Equity Industry leaders on the role of talent:




CMP has decades of experience helping private equity companies across the full talent lifecycle.  From talent acquisition and assessment, to coaching and outplacement solutions, CMP provides talent solutions that fit the business of private equityConnect with us today to learn more!


Our Experience




  • I’ve worked with CMP on two executive searches over the past 12 months. Both of them were very successful and the candidates we hired have done an outstanding job. They have strong searchcapabilities and they worked with us well during the search process. I will continue to utilize their services for future executive searches.

    Larry Sherrell

    Vice President, Human Resources | Lexipol

  • CMP has been Borden’s outplacement provider for the last three years and has done a great job adjusting to the needs of each employee action, providing engaging and meaningful career transition support and going above-and-beyond by providing free manager notification training and supporting RIF communications among other things. I would definitely recommend CMP for outplacement services as they have been a true partner. CMP offers the best career transition support during a difficult time while also partnering with the client organization to reduce the risk of the action.

    Brice Coleman

    Chief Human Resources Officer | Borden

  • I recommend CMP for outplacement services as they provide high quality support for displaced employees at a reasonable cost. CMP offers a personalized outplacement experience that meets your needs. CMP provided Service King several levels of support to choose from at various price points. This allowed us to balance the needs of our employees with the cost to the organization. CMP’s follow-up and organized approach created a seamless experience for the implementation and execution of the outplacement plan. Service King plans to use CMP services again in the future, and I highly recommend them to meet your needs.

    Heather Honeycutt

    Sr. Director Talent Management | Service King