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The key to development is gaining deeper insight into the employees' capabilities, weaknesses, and risks and engaging in meaningful development activities. CMP selects from an extensive library of self-insight and validated assessments to provide each participant with a powerful development experience.

360° Assessment: Feedback and Development in High Definition


CMP 360° Assessment focuses leaders on their areas of highest need and impact. CMP offers 360° Assessments for leaders at all levels. We provide an efficient and anonymous method to gather feedback, allowing participants to receive honest and targeted insights into areas critical to their success.


Assessment for Development


Building employee skill and capability is at the heart of individual and company performance. The key to development is gaining deeper insight into the employees' capabilities, weaknesses, and risks, and engaging in meaningful development activities. Effective use of assessment will lead to this deeper awareness and targeted development.


Leadership Assessment


Through the use of contemporary tools, a refined process, and highly experienced practitioners, client organizations gain deep insight into the candidate's predispositions and capabilities critical for success in a role.


Competency Modeling


Competencies are the capabilities required to execute a strategy within the company's vision and values. When combined with a proven methodology, competencies create the Performance Hub, which is the unique success criteria for hiring, succession, development, and reward systems.


Success Profile


The ExecuSmart Success Profile™ represents a scientifically valid and reliable way to identify the critical competencies for successful performance in a particular role and a road map for filling that role with the right person.


Talent Audit


CMP can help you understand your talent more profoundly. You must know your people to position them for success and you don’t want to leave talent decisions to chance. With the CMP Talent Audit, you don’t have to.