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The CMP Difference

CMP is a minority and woman-owned talent firm in the business of developing people and organizations across the full talent life cycle—from executive search and leadership development to organizational development and career transition support. In doing so, we combine our decades of experience with a contemporary approach to building people and teams. We marry the art and science of talent and transition to provide individuals and organizations with a unique competitive advantage.

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We commit to

Personal Integrity

We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service by designing and providing programs that meet the needs of our individual client base.

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We commit to

Personal Attention

We realize that every individual in career development or transition is unique. Each requires personalized attention while they acquire the skills to complete a successful job search, optimize work performance, or re-direct and expand their career goals and options.

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We commit to

Personal Experience

We deliver our programs from a team of seasoned professionals with impressive track records of real-world success. They know first-hand the techniques and strategies necessary for a successful career progression.


Always Striving for More

CMP subscribes to the code of ethics and professional standards as put forth by the Association of Career Firms International (ACFI) and the Association of Career Professionals International (ACPI). These standards include the following commitments:

  • Respect the importance of privacy and confidentiality when reorganizations, acquisitions, downsizings, employee releases, and promotions are being discussed.
  • Do not take advantage, including financial, of any information resulting from our client relationships, nor provide the basis for others to take such advantage.
  • Do not solicit employees of clients for employment.
  • Before accepting an assignment, seek sufficient information regarding the person(s) affected, perceived problems, and likely outcomes of the assignment.
  • Do not serve a client under conditions that may impair independence and professional standards.
  • Assume an objective, third-party position at all times.
  • Do not promise any benefits at the expense of our professional standards. We charge professional fees based on the nature of the service programs offered.

Meet the Team

Remember that team of seasoned professionals with rock-solid track records of real-world success? Here they are! We like to show them off because they really are the foundation of CMP's excellent service.

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Some of Our Clients

We put our money where our mouth is. Check out our previous work and see the standards of excellence we’ve exemplified with our clients!

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