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We Get Fit Right

We realize that your business and every role within your organization is unique, so we create customized talent acquisition and executive search solutions using multi-channel sourcing tactics to locate top leadership talent. We utilize a comprehensive assessment process to evaluate candidates' abilities, career track record, professional expertise and knowledge, leadership temperament, cultural compatibility and ultimately, their respective potential.

We are committed to delivering results for our clients and will provide:

Speed & Quality

The best passive candidates are typically off the market within 10 days, so we step up the pace to keep you in the loop on who’s who in your prospective talent pools. We get you exceptionally fast results without sacrificing the quality of service or talent.


We customize the search and engagement process to your desires. We take all your wants into consideration and carefully craft a personal, adjustable action plan that suits your organization.


If the hire resigns or is terminated during the first six months of their employment, we will conduct a replacement search at no additional fee.


Our unique container model has a "pay for performance" component allowing you to access our recruiting resources with little upfront financial risk. 

Expanded Talent Pool

CMP does not have the "hands-off" restraints that many search firms have. We are able to reach-in and recruit talent from almost any company.

Assessment for Selection

CMP takes much of the guesswork out of hiring through a validated and efficient assessment process. 

What Our Clients Say

  • Finding the right executive leader in the shortest possible amount of time was absolutely critical for our organization. We partnered with CMP to ensure we made the right decision. They found a great pool of candidates, took the guesswork out of the initial screening process, and stayed with us throughout the process to ensure not only the best fit but to make sure our onboarding was a success.

    John Carlo

    CEO - Prism Healthcare

  • I’ve worked with CMP on two executive searches over the past 12 months. Both of them were very successful and the candidates we hired have done an outstanding job. They have strong search capabilities and they worked with us well during the search process. I will continue to utilize their services for future executive searches.

    Larry Sherrell

    Lexipol - Vice President of Human Resources

  • Robert was retained by my then employer, Office Depot to conduct various Sales Leader and IT Project Manager searches. He did an outstanding job by providing us with high caliber candidates and was very detail oriented; identifying candidate strenghts that would be an asset to the company. He always kept sight of the recruiting objectives and was very punctual. Since then we have remained in contact and I continue to be impressed with his professionalism and concern for his clients.

    Residential Fire Sprinkler Installations