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CMP is Here to Support Your
Successful Career Transition

CMP has programs to support your transition into the right new job, and explore other forms of employment including consulting, company start-up, school/certifications, or facilitating your move into retirement.


Your Program Includes

  • 1:1 access to a Senior Career
  • Resume and cover letter development.
  • Review of career strengths, preferences and
  • Development of LinkedIn profile and social
    media presence.
  • Individual financial planning to optimize
    financial decisions during transition.
  • Introductions to potential employers.
  • Formulation of a job search plan and tactics.
  • Interview strategy, preparation and practice.
  • Coaching on handling compensation and
    offer negotiations.
  • On-boarding support after you secure a
    new job.


Key Features Include

  • Jobs and recruiter database
  • Training on every aspect of successful
    career transition
  • Self-assessment tools so you can better
    understand your skill sets and interests
  • Interview simulator
  • Deep research on target industries,
    geographies and companies


CMP’s online career portal offers an array of tools
and services to create fast results for job seekers.


Complimentary Resources


It’s difficult to devote the needed time and attention to a successful job search with unresolved financial stress. To address this need, CMP has included a customized one on-one financial planning session as a part of every outplacement program.


CMP has strategic partnerships with premier franchise consulting companies. They connect you with companies that have, strong track records, solid training and support, satisfied franchisees, and good opportunity for financial returns.


If you’re thinking of transitioning into an active or semi-active retirement, Your Career Transition Program can be specifically tailored to your retirement lifestyle objectives to live a meaningful and active retirement.


What You Might Expect Emotionally

  • Individuals commonly experience a variety  of feelings immediately following the loss of  a job. Fear, anger, sadness, guilt and relief  are all common reactions.

  • Knowing what to expect can help you navigate the ups and downs many people experience immediately after job loss.


We have decades of experience in helping people through their initial career transition period. Feel free to connect and share your concerns with us . You will have CMP outplacement support from anywhere, at any time.

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