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It Starts on

Leaders will be the catalysts to create a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment. However, the change needs to happen from the inside-out.

Leaders need to:

  • Surface their own beliefs and stereotypes on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Understand the impact of their beliefs and behaviors on their leadership and legacy of diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Commit to actions and behaviors to lead for greater diversity, equity and inclusion.

When the light-goes-on, the commitment and behaviors needed to drive sustainable change often follow.

Coaching is Uniquely Able to Support

The real change needed to develop DE&I leaders best happens one-on-one. Coaches with methodology and experience to guide the exploration, awareness and action planning can make all the difference. It needs to be a safe harbor environment in which the Coach moves through a process to highlight the leader's assumptions, beliefs and feelings on issues of race, gender, orientation, and fairness.

"Over three sessions with my coach, and some homework in-between, I came to realize that I was looking at the world through a very narrow set of bifocals. I had spent years hiring people like me. It was unfair to many and put the company at a talent disadvantage."

Vice President,
Global Manufacturer

The focus of DE&I coaching is deeper self-awareness and moving forward - making the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion imperative personal and actionable. We have found that effective DE&I coaching includes three phases:


Exploration of core beliefs

Results in deeper leader insight into their biases, assumptions, and stereotypes.


Awareness of impact

Provides the leader insight into the impact of their informal signals and behaviors on diversity, equity and inclusion results.



Results in an informed commitment to lead for greater diversity, inclusiveness, and equity: and leave a legacy.



DE&I coaching often conjures up a leader's deep seated emotions, including guilt and anger. CMP Coaches are skilled and experienced in moving leaders through these emotions and focusing-forward for sustained change.





"I started the DE&I Coaching a bit uncertain, but willing to trust the coach and the process. It was definitely worth it! I learned things about myself and people outside my experience, that have changed my leadership, and life, in profound ways."

Healthcare Executive

CMP is a minority and woman owned firm supporting the development of leaders through innovative coaching, assessment, search and career transition solutions.

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