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Online Tools & Research

OI SolutionsSM eCareer Center™ offers a comprehensive array of tools and services to create fast results for job seekers. It’s a virtual career-center that goes anywhere from home to office to meetings - anytime. Key features include:

  • Custom dashboard where practical job search tools are all presented in one place to supplement the advantages of a personal coach.
  • Get the inside information - amazing research tool to surface companies, people and opportunities including LexisNexis™.
  • Better preparation for interviews - the Interview Simulator includes hundreds of questions and associated videos from employers who use them in interviews. The system records mock interviews and plays back each session, enabling you to practice more.
  • Progress tracker so you can stay on schedule and remain aware of your progress.
  • Multimedia content in video, audio podcasts, written tutorials and e-learning modules engages those with diverse learning styles.
  • Increased numbers of target employers and better intelligence provided by best-in-class research resources that are more powerful than those to which other job seekers have access.
  • More appropriate job openings in your industry, identified more expediently, along with contacts to short-circuit recruitment time.