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Ready to Take the CSi50?

What is Your Current State of Career Health?

Take our 5 minute survey to find out.

The Career Success Indicator (CSi50) is the culmination of years of research. Completing the CSi50 will provide you with deep and immediate insight into your current level of career health and success.

Simply respond to 25 pairs of statements, by clicking the statement that is currently most true of you. lf both statements describe you, click “Both True.”

We will interpret your results at the end of the survey.

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Interpreting Your CSi50 Results:

Your score is somewhere between 0 and 50. As you’ve probably guessed, the higher your score the more your passions are currently finding expression in your work and career. As a guideline:

If your score is below 20, you are feeling the effects of a job that is mostly to totally misaligned with those things you need in a career. This misalignment is likely impacting many aspects of your life, including your general energy level, sense of well-being, health and relationships. You dread going to work most days.

If your score is between 21 – 40 you are experiencing some ups and some downs. There are aspects of your work that energize you but many, if not most, days your job is just okay. Each day is different – some days you look forward to work, and other days you dread it.

If your score is between 41 – 50 you are in a role in which your unique needs are being met – you are generally doing what you love. You look forward to going to work, it energizes you. You think about work even when off-the-job. Your job is getting your full discretionary effort and enhances your quality of life.

If your score is under 40, there is room to improve. If your score is over 40, you will want to know why your current job is working for you, so you can continue to create a fulfilling career. Don’t Dread Monday will provide you with the principles and practices needed to take control of your career.