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Don’t Dread Monday was born out of a desire to help others realize their passions and shape them into career possibilities. If you are struggling to find the right direction for your career, we’re here to help. Whether you’re looking to switch career paths, transitioning to a new job, or simply need an amazing resume and LinkedIn profile, we can help you move forward with confidence and success.

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Our Latest Tips and Findings!

Career Success Indicator: Measuring Your Level of Career Satisfaction

How your job is really going? Sometimes it’s obvious if you hate your career, but it’s easy to get stuck in a routine. I’ve found it’s valuable to sit down and take some time for introspection every once and a while—do a check-up on your career health. At Don’t Dread Monday, we’ve developed a career assessment —the Career Success Indicator (CSi50)—that assesses your current job satisfaction on a scale of 0 - 50.

So, take five minutes to complete our Career Success Indicator (CSi50). Unlike most career assessments, the CSi50 is not testing your aptitude for certain career paths, but instead measuring your level of satisfaction in your career right now. Take it, and come on back when you’ve completed it. 

Now that you’re back let’s talk about what to do if your score was between 41 and 50, otherwise known as a an engaging career role.  The question is - are you normally in this state of career satisfaction?  For many, it is a transitory state.  It is good to know the core needs that are being met so you can manage your career to stay in the 40+ career zone.

If your score is below 40, check out our blog on How to Escape a Mediocre Career.

I always love hearing that people love their jobs. I want everyone to love their career and find fulfillment in it. Hopefully taking the CSi50 was insightful.

That being said, unless you scored a 50, there is still room for improvement within your job, even if you love it. Even when we’re following our passion, working our dream job, we may find that not all of our needs are being met.

For instance, my daughter is an opera singer who is currently working as a young artist with an opera company. This is a job she’s been working towards for years, and there are many aspects of it that she loves. However, once settling into her work, she realized that not all of her core needs were being met. After this realization, she came to me and discussed some ways she might tweak her work-life to better align it with what she wants and needs out of a career. Since our conversation, she’s felt even more invigorated and willing to work on projects now that she’s addressed the one or two things that were leaving her unfulfilled. 

I was able to help my daughter as her father, but also as a career coach. The changes she made weren’t major by any stretch, but they still made all the difference in her life. Like going to the doctor for a check-up, it’s always a good idea to have an appointment with a professional every once and a while to make sure your career is running as smoothly as it can. At Don’t Dread Monday, we have a group of experienced and compassionate career coaches who know how to fine-tune your career. I encourage you to consider a “check-up” on your career. You might be surprised by how much it helps you.

If you have any more questions about career coaching or the Don’t Dread Monday tools for taking control of your career, visit www.careermp.com or call us at 800.680.7768. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Career Success Assessment: How to Increase a Low Score

Here at Don’t Dread Monday, we’ve developed a career assessment —The Career Success Indicator (CSi50)—to measure your current state of career fulfillment and health. It’s a free career test assessment that should only take five to ten minutes to complete. Once finished, it will offer insights into your level of career satisfaction and ways to improve it. Go ahead and complete it now.

You’re back! If your score on the career test was between 0 and 20, the rest of this blog is directed towards you. As you might have read once completing the CSi50, you’re most likely in a career that is not aligning with your core needs. You dread going to work each day, which in turn affects the energy you have outside of work. You might feel depressed, anxious, or vulnerable.

You’re not alone. We’ve encountered many, many people over the years who have felt stuck and unhappy in their jobs. The good news is, you don’t have to stay in that negative place. Here’s a real-life example from one of our past clients:

Annette (name has been changed) was in her fifties and had been working as a tax accountant for two decades. When we met her she was growing increasingly unhappy with her workload, as well as the drudgery and monotony of her job. 

In coaching her, she discovered she wanted to build something more tangible in her work and connect emotionally with others. She had been fulfilling these needs through other hobbies, but once she put a name to her core needs, she realized what she could do to fix them. Instead of trudging through her career or quitting her job, she reframed it. She could bring all of these core needs into her existing job. In completing someone’s tax returns, she was building something tangible to give to her clients. When her clients came in to meet with her, she could ask about their lives, making personal connections. Annette was able to change her career test score from below 20 to above 40, all by realizing her needs and molding her work to fit them. 

This solution will not be for everyone, but we hope in reading this story you will find hope in your own life. If Annette’s story resonated with you, know that it’s never too late to make your career work for you.

If you need guidance on how to begin transforming your career, buy our book, Don’t Dread Monday. It outlines the next steps on how to find your core needs and apply them to your life and career. This practical advice will help you advance professionally and personally—we guarantee it. 

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Chose and Declare - The Heart of Carving Your Unique Career

If you read our last blog about Where to Find Your Passion, you’ll be familiar with the term passionate core. Go ahead and read it if you haven’t already. Though I promise I will eventually get into the nitty-gritty of how to actually (and pragmatically) apply your passions to your life, today we’re focusing on something different: the importance of actively choosing to follow your passionate core.

There are two steps to achieve this:

  1. Choose to live your own life, not someone’s expectation of how your life should be.
  2. Declare your career direction.

Following these steps may inadvertently disappoint people in your life and lead to changes in what you are doing.  This has been the case with about every person we know who has crafted a sustained career of passion and success - initially people in their life were disappointed, even disbelieving, of their choice.  However, once you make the choice, the sense of liberation you experience will make any short-term resistance well worth it. You will feel happier, more purpose-driven, and more fulfilled in your life and career.

Choosing to own your own life can be difficult, especially if those close to you have expectations that don’t align with what you want. In a career sense, this happens quite often. Companies are not generally in the business of helping you “follow your passion,” so breaking from that mold can be challenging.

Likewise, declaring to the world that you will follow your own path—your passionate core—can be a daunting and vulnerable task. And when I say declare, I truly mean to declare. Once you decide to choose your own life and declare your career path, it is critical that you tell those around you—your family, your friends, your coworkers, your boss—about your decision.

Why? Because when you are authentically you and finally make your passions known, your energy will rally those around you to support you and surface opportunities. This may not happen all at once, but it will happen. Discussing your newfound goals and how you would like to implement them in the workplace will cause positive change in your work life.

In short, actively choosing to follow your passion will bring joy to your life. I guarantee it. Choose today to follow your passion.

If you desire more guidance on how to get started on this passionate path, schedule a meeting with one of our expert career coaches. If you have any questions, contact us or call 800.680.7768.

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  • “My consultant could not have been more wonderful to work with. She encouraged my steps towards my new future and was patient while I dealt with major health issues in my family. I feel so blessed to have had her guidance and knowledge supporting my search. I am not yet employed, but I have the tools to continue my journey thanks to my consultant! “

  • “My consultant was amazing! He was very professional and very experienced which was extremely helpful. He helped me analyze and figure out negotiation scenarios and he provided a very useful decision matrix. Well done!”

  • “I know I’ll get through because I am surrounded by people like you who truly care. Your kindness, honesty, and professionalism are much appreciated. I will provide a response to the survey sent by DDM and let them know what a gem they have, which I am sure they realize!”

  • “My consultant has been an inspiration to me. She has not only helped me with my resume and cover letter but has been compassionate and a “shoulder” during my transition to finding new employment. I can’t say enough about her professionalism, knowledge, and ability to make me smile.”

  • “My consultant was excellent in helping with my career transition. She is caring and involved, and gave practical, real-word advice for navigating a career change. I highly recommend her and appreciate her help during a difficult time.”

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