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Download the CMP Talent Assessment Advantage E-Book

Talent Assessment Advantage eBook


Your Guide For Leveraging Assessment to Predict Fit and Develop Performance 

“Assessment can be a powerful tool for identifying and developing talent, but assessment can also be misused and even risky to the organization. It is critical that companies work with an experienced partner to establish assessment tools and protocols.” - Joe Frodsham, CMP President

We have prepared the Talent Assessment Advantage eBook as a resource for you to understand assessment at a deeper level and gain insights into how assessments can play a crucial role in predicting and higher talent selection. Included are the following topics:

- Why Assessments?
- Purpose and Applications of Assessments
- Choosing an Assessment Partner
- Competency Modeling

We hope that Talent Assessment Advantage E-Book will provide you with a pragmatic guide as you implement or improve your companies’ talent tools and protocols.