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Application Closing Date is March 15, 2020


Position: Executive Director     

Reports To: Board of Directors

Direct Reports:

Program Directors (5: LeadershipClass, LeadingEdge, LeaderKids, LeaderPrime, and LeadershipForum)

Finance Manager

Administration and Logistics

Grants Consultant

Location: Fort Worth, TX

Fort Worth is the 13th largest city in the U.S. and the fastest growing among large cities. It has received accolades, including number one downtown (livability), and the second-best city in the nation for job seekers (Forbes).

Client Organization Overview

Our client, Leadership Fort Worth, was established in 1972 as a resource for community leadership succession planning, with the first class graduating in 1973.  The founding sponsors were the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, the Fort Worth Junior League, Texas Christian University, Texas Wesleyan University and the University of Texas at Arlington. Texas Electric, now Oncor, provided needed in-kind staff support.  Leadership Fort Worth became a non-profit entity in 1998.  Graduates of the programs total more than 4,000 and are leaders not only in government but also in a wide variety of volunteer and appointed roles.  Leadership Fort Worth (LFW) is among the oldest community leadership development organizations in the nation. 

LFW is composed of five programs:

  • LeaderPrime: LFW’s newest program offering high-level civic orientation and engagement for the newest CEOs in Fort Worth and North Central Texas.
  • LeadershipClass: This program gathers established leaders for training in collaboration to address significant issues.  The annual class typically includes more than 50 participants, who spend nine full days to learn the diverse needs and issues in the community, create connections among leaders, and align personal passions and resources with vital issues addressed in small group Issues Initiative work.
  • LeadingEdge: This program was designed to build capacity, connections and community trusteeship among Fort Worth’s emerging leaders, while also teaching leadership techniques and decision-making processes.  It provides service to more than 40 participants annually over a five-month period. In addition to six half-day meetings and two full-day retreats, participants will become a part of the BoardBuild program connecting leaders with local nonprofits.
  • LeadershipForum: This program provides continuous engagement for education and community trusteeship opportunities for LFW members and the community in the form of multiple forum-type meetings, typically held on a quarterly basis.
  • LeaderKids:  Initiated in 1995, this program provides eight graders with the opportunity to develop leadership abilities through community involvement.  The program provides service to approximately 52 youth from 26 local schools annually over a seven-month period and includes a special community project.

In addition, LFW provides consulting services under contract to local organizations and was instrumental in the establishment of Steer Fort Worth under contract to the city and supported the GO Centers of the Fort Worth Independent School District by training their staff on career opportunities in Fort Worth and connecting them with leaders in the various career fields..  Through the years, LFW has recognized Leadership Fellows, individuals who demonstrate the principles of community leadership that the organization promotes. 

LFW is closely connected with the international professional leadership organization, the Association for Leadership Programs (ALP). ALP has presented the prestigious Distinguished Leadership Award to a number of LFW members over the years, and in 2015, awarded Leadership Fort Worth its Excellence in Innovations Award. In 2018, LFW was named a Pacesetter program for being a model and exemplar of the industry.

General Position Summary

LFW seeks candidates who are passionate about civic engagement; have a successful track record of leadership; are committed to diversity and equity; can effectively communicate a shared vision; and can adapt to changes facing our region. LFW seeks an individual who is principled, authentic, ethical, and sincere; and communicates directly, honestly, and respectfully. 

The role is responsible for overseeing the administration, programs and strategic plan of LFW. High level responsibilities include directing leadership program development and implementation, quality control/enhancement, fundraising, marketing and community outreach.  The role is also accountable for board governance, financial performance and viability, organization mission and strategy, and organizational operations.  Specifically, and as it pertains to LFW, this key role is accountable for leadership, oversight, and success of all aspects of all core LFW programs, including but not limited to Leadership Class, LeadingEdge, LeaderPrime, LeaderKids, and Leadership Forum.  Also, a primary component is being responsible and as indicated above, for engaging in new initiatives for community leadership development as appropriate.


  • Represent LFW, its programs, its brand, and its overall presence in the community, and participate in LFW program events.
  • Champion a commitment within the LFW community to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion. Work respectfully and effectively across all communities and sectors representing the diversity of the City. 
  • Keep current on local and national community leadership programming relevant to LFW’s mission, bringing those ideas to the organization. 
  • Hire, develop and provide leadership to full and or part-time program management, administrative, and other employees with board, budgetary and programmatic guidelines.
  • Engage, or direct the engagement, of the services of independent contractors for purposes of program support, financial/accounting support, or as needed and within budgetary guidelines.
  • Plan and coordinate meetings of the Board of Directors and of the Executive Committee.
  • Oversee all financial aspects of the organization (budgeting, bookkeeping, and day-to-day cash flow of the organization).
  • Prepare and draft the organization’s budget for the subsequent fiscal year, with such budget reflecting the expected cash flows for the subsequent year for each of the programs/cost centers of the organization.
  • Contract for an independent financial review or audit (as directed by the Board of Directors) of LFW.
  • Oversee community outreach and improved branding and name recognition of LFW’s programs.
  • Implement and provide oversight to the development/fundraising goals of the Board of Directors and the organization within the community.
  • Lead the implementation of organizational strategic plans as developed by the Board of Directors.
  • Proactively engage key stakeholders and sponsors.
  • Engage and leverage Alumni of LFW
  • Engage partners, high contributing stakeholders, viable prospects identified via marketing initiatives, and others, including disengaged companies to become involved in LFW initiatives.
  • Ensure that all programs are relevant and current with community issues and leadership research.
  • Refresh efforts to proactively obtain and maintain strong community connections and trusteeship processes.

Qualifications / Desired Candidate Attributes / Experience:

  • Minimum bachelor’s degree (advanced degree preferred) and possess five or more years of senior management nonprofit leadership experience and in managing boards.
  • Transparent and high integrity leadership. Must be a personable, engaging executive with good/active listening skills. Possess high degree of confidence, resilience, trustfulness and accept accountability.
  • Effectively represents age diverse perspective.
  • Possess solid, hands-on, budget management skills, including budget preparation, analysis, decision-making and reporting.
  • Strong organizational abilities, including planning, delegating, program development and task facilitation.
  • Must be perceived as a visionary with the ability to convey a vision of LFW’s strategic future to staff, board, volunteers, donors, sponsors, key stakeholders and to the community.
  • Must be open-minded
  • Possess strong critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and high influential skills.
  • Be data driven, analytical and a strategic evaluator.
  • Possess robust knowledge and track record of success in fundraising strategies, community outreach (corporate/municipalities/chambers/institutions of higher learning) and sponsors/donors/partners.
  • Possess strong community trustee abilities.
  • Possess strong ability to collaborate with and motivate board members, staff, volunteers and other key stakeholders.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills and attention to detail.
  • Ability to interface and engage with diverse volunteers and donor groups.
  • Possess strong public speaking ability.
  • Experience leading successful teams.
  • Ability to build and maintain high credibility with community outreach. Must possess strong leadership abilities, business acumen and marketing/business development experience and skills.
  • Track record of implementing positive organizational change.
  • Possess leadership development experience.
  • Successfully cultivated key stakeholder relationships as the “face” of the nonprofit entity previously served.
  • If currently residing outside the Fort Worth region, must relocate to and be able to successfully integrate into the Fort Worth community. Must be passionate about the LFW organization and its mission.
  • Must have experience in developing diverse programs/collaboration.
  • Experience and/or knowledge in adult learning methodology.




Interested parties please
address candidate inquiries to:

Robert Elam

Managing Director
Executive Search

Career Management Partners (CMP)


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