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Position: Director of Leadership and Learning Development

Reports To: Chief People Officer

Direct Reports: Regional Training Leaders

Location: Overland Park, Kansas


Other Key Relationships: 

  • Field Regional Vice Presidents, Directors, and Area Coaches
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Yum! Brands HR/Training and Leadership Development teams



Client Organization Overview

KBP Foods is a leading franchisee of quick serve restaurants in the U.S., and one of the largest franchisees of Yum! Brands in the nation. Founded in 1999, KBP’s expansion has been steady, as its footprint is now comprised of over 700 restaurants and annual revenue of nearly $1B. KBP's growth has been consistent and strategic, with its expansion stemming from thoughtful acquisitions and a direct correlation with diligent selection criteria, a prudent capital structure and industry-leading talent.



KBP Foods mission to maintain a passion for excellence. KBP is committed to creating the ultimate in customer satisfaction by developing its people through the superior implementation of training and systems. A socially responsible, integrity-driven company that strives to be better each day so that every customer leaves happy.



KBP Foods culture is founded on four core values and the entrepreneurial spirit of ownership that comes from a foundation of authenticity, a commitment to people, a commitment to business, and continuous effort.  The recruitment, selection, development and retention of team talent will always be at the core of the success of KBP Foods. This requires more than sophisticated tools and systems, and more than pay and promotion. It requires a patient hunger to surround yourself with people better than you, and a team stronger than any one person. It requires the humility to learn from everyone around you, and a desire to help others achieve their goals.

Position Summary

The Director, Leadership and Learning Development is responsible for building and leading a best-in-class leadership and learning development function. The function’s capabilities will include responsibility for overall Pre and Post Offer Assessment Strategies utilized, all Leader Development Program, Curricula and Coaching Offerings for Store Level Leaders (Shift Managers, CoManagers, and Managing Partners) as well as Above Store Level leaders (to include Area Coaches, Market Coaches, Directors and Regional Vice Presidents). This position will oversee the Annual and Semi-annual Talent Assessment and Succession Planning Processes for the organization and will ensure KBP is developing a strong bench of ready leaders at all levels as the organization grows. This leader will ensure that the development team lives and breathes KBP’s values.

Key Responsibilities

  • This role provides oversight to a dedicated team of 3 members.

  • The Director, Leadership and Learning Development will work closely and in concert with the Chief People Officer, the broader HR team, and members of the executive team to plan, budget, analyze and communicate the Leadership and Learning Development team’s long term and immediate plans.

  • The Director, Leadership and Learning Development will influence teams and set stretch goals for KBP in terms of growing and promoting internal leaders, supporting transitioning leaders, and continuing to build leadership capacity.

Desired Outcomes

  • Build a world-class leadership and learning development strategy with internal and external resources.

  • Build a development function that embodies the principles of accountability, ownership and excellence, and a record of delivering projects at or below budget and on or ahead of schedule.

  • Design and execute meaningful leadership development programs, which include the soft leadership skills and the more technical/functional.

  • Measures the impact of his/her development programs (Kirkpatrick, level 4 methodologies).

  • Have used and understands many assessment tools bridging those used in pre-employment and post-employment

  • Design and execute effective talent assessment and succession planning programs and activities that are measurable and impactful.
  • Develop effective operations relationships to move people to execute the strategy but not control the strategy.
  • Will work with leadership to build thoughtful and effective individual development plans for targeted performers and HPs  at many levels in the business.
  • Is well read and practiced on tying org  strategy to roles and job descriptions/routines to goal setting and on thru to evaluation processes and the next cycle of needed development such that we take the individual and the organization to the next level and where it/we need to go.
  • Oversight of executive and performance coaching programs; may be a certified coach him/herself.
  • Is a leader that is effective on the platform and able to deliver training as well as take the strategist/designer role.
  • Has some multimedia skill to pull together professional presentation materials (Adobe etc)
  • Well spoken, confident.
  • Professional appearance and organized.
  • Metrics and data driven.
  • Is accountable (comes to work, is fully engaged, gets things done on time w/o a lot of follow-up).
  • Creative, brings to the table interactive, effective, and contemporary program ideas.
  • Communicates his/her leadership vision and collaborates with his/her leader and then team before getting too far out ahead to ensure proper alignment exists

Ideal Experience

A minimum of 10 years of relevant leadership development and training experience.  Demonstrated experience delivering projects on time and on budget.  Experience managing a team.  Industry experience and building programs from ground up.  Excellent time management. Restaurant or retail experience preferred. A Bachelor’s degree in organization development or similar discipline.

Critical Leadership Capabilities

Driving Results

This leader will be responsible for developing leadership programming from an recently articulated blue print. The Director, Leadership and Learning Development also will:
  • Proactively seek to improve processes and implement best-in-class solutions, raising quality and return on investment in a calculated way.
  • Benchmark own performance against industry best practices.
  • Review performance and progress on a regular basis to ensure the team is achieving results.
  • Identify new processes and/or systems to improve productivity and/or make the business more efficient.

Strategic Thinking

The Director, Leadership and Learning Development also will:

  • Be a visionary, but exercise excellent judgment and hold an understanding of how to stage introductions of programs so as to not overwhelm the organization, yet signal the organization a strategy is in place and progress is occurring.
  • Analytical rigor at the front end of all projects, seizing all opportunities to size financial impact and plan for a return on investments made.
  • Translate broad strategies into clear, specific objectives and plans for the business.
  • Create plans that address specific layers of the business and prioritizing the most important layers first.
  • Think 2-3 years ahead.

Collaborating and Influencing

  • Negotiates with a genuine give-and-take approach, where parties act as true peers and decisions are shared.



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