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Isn't It Time You Loved Your Career?

Studies have shown a clear correlation between a person’s level of career satisfaction and their level of overall life satisfaction. Yet, a myriad of studies consistently find that up to 80% of people are disappointed with their job and in the midst of a mediocre career. Our passion is helping others realize their career possibilities. If you are looking for support in shaping your career or transitioning to a new job, or if you simply need an amazing resume and LinkedIn profile, we can help you move forward with confidence and success.

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Resume & LinkedIn Development

Do you need a resume and LinkedIn profile that stands out? 

Career Transition Support

Are you in a job transition or need to find a new role?

Job Search 

Could you use comprehensive support for every aspect of a successful career transition?

Time with a Career Coach

Could you use an hour or two with an experienced career guide?

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Stand Out With Your Resume and Profile

We provide resume and LinkedIn development that gets you at the top-of-the-list with companies, recruiters and applicant tracking systems.

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Career Transition Program

Execute a Successful Job Search

Find Your New Role

We support every aspect of your job transition with one-on-one coaching, market research, self-insight assessments, on-demand training, targeted practice, financial planning, resume-Linkedin support, and much more.

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Virtual Career Center

Successful Career Navigation

Flexible Support to Shape Your Career

Our OI Solutions Career Center provides targeted tools to support every aspect of successful career development and transition.

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Time With a Career Coach

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Real-Time Career Support

CMP Coaches represent decades of experience supporting successful career transition. Purchase a session with your coach today. 

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Meet the Coaches

maryanna coach

Maryanne Piña-


Maryanne is an accomplished educator with a unique blend of experience in academic and organization settings serving ten years in public education developing content and innovative solutions for students, educators, and the community.

As part of her own career journey, Maryanne hit a career crossroads, and applied the principles and practices of career success in moving out of education, and ultimately into leadership of a consulting firm. Maryanne’s passion is helping others operationalize their passion.

Maryanne is finishing her the dissertation portion of her Edd. in Educational Leadership.

joe coach


Joe has been a leader in larger global companies such as Anderson Consulting, HP and Whirlpool Corporation. As part of his career journey he applied the principles and practices of career success and transitioned to independent consulting, and ultimately to leadership of multiple firms.

Joe has published a number of articles, co-authored a seminal books on careers, and is a speaker and recognized expert on talent systems, careers, leadership development, employee engagement and organization development. Joe earned his bachelor's degree in psychology and his master's degree in organizational behavior from Brigham Young University.


Claudia Chavez-Castilla

Claudia has a background in both Human Resources and Market Insights and over 20 years of organizational experience in multinational companies such as PepsiCo, Holderbank and Gallup. She is fully bilingual in both English and Spanish and able to coach present or lead seminars in whichever language her client chooses. She also has vast experience in multi- cultural and diverse environments.
Claudia provides clients with a broad vision, that combines her corporate and practical customer and market based approach with a profound humanistic-psychology sense. The combination of these approaches drive results for her clients to access self-awareness and positive self-image in a unique and individualized way. She has been in the International educational area for the past 8 years and currently is part of the faculty for Psychology and Nursing at SUAGM, a private dual-language institution in the Dallas area.


Charlie Zinger

Charlie has more than 25 years business experience with small, medium and large sized companies in multiple industries. Over this span of time, Charlie has helped thousands of people in every aspect of career transition. Charlie brings his vast experience, real-world tools, and pragmatic approach to his coaching engagements.

Charlie earned a Bachelors degree from the University of Dallas.

Kathleen Murphy

Kathleen Murphy

Kathleen quickly creates robust coaching relationships built on empathy and trust. A sense of humor, keen perception and active listening skills help to delve into candidates’ abilities, skills and desires for next career steps. Kathleen is fearless in mentoring and becoming a trusted advisor.


Kathleen has professional experience in Executive and Management transition coaching as well as project management. She has worked with 80% of the Fortune 500, along with private equity, privately held and nonprofit enterprises. Working nationally, she’s been in all regions of the United States (plus Canada). In addition, she has held an advised in strategic planning for large RIFs and is considered to be a subject matter expert in career transition logistics.

Both as a Clinical Psychotherapist and career transition coach, Kathleen has met folks at an interesting juncture in their lives where a change is needed. She is not only able to work comfortably one-on-one, but also in group settings (seminars/workshops) or managing projects (up to 1,000 employees).


Kathleen has worked with various industries such as…

High Technology
Food & Beverage
Oil & Gas
REIT and Property Management

Certified Substance Abuse Counselor (past)
Certified coach

Bachelor of Arts - Social Work, Western Illinois University


Bruce Weaver

Bruce offers exceptional people related insights based on his twenty plus years of experience in talent management and career coaching. He has worked for several international organizations in a variety of industries including over twenty years in the Oil and Gas industry. He has had the opportunity to provide coaching and competence development planning to all levels. Bruce has been a group leader and guest speaker at several professional career transition groups.

Bruce holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and English from the University of Houston.


Sandra Bierman

Sandra Bierman, PhD, has successfully transitioned through seven career changes. Her current passion includes the past 27+ years of career coaching utilizing her expertise as a job search strategist. Clients, colleagues, workshop participants and her one on one coaching professionals recognize Sandra for her enthusiasm, motivational support, and unending dedication to career management development.

Sandra has worked with a wide variety of companies including Fortune 500 companies as well as medium and small businesses to help employees through the career transition process. She has coached professionals at all levels of organizations.

Sandra thrives on improving a resume, coaching on job search strategy including networking, LinkedIn profile, social media, interviewing and negotiating processes.

Prior to her career coaching, Sandra taught at the university level. She concurrently served as Director for the Center of Learning at Texas Woman’s University where she trained teachers in the process of assessment, diagnostics, development, and implementation of instructional strategies.

Sandra’s business acumen comes from her extensive experience as an entrepreneur well-grounded in the business world as cofounder and Associate Publisher of internationally-recognized publications including Aviation Quarterly and Aviation Travel. She worked with curators at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum to feature aviation pioneers in these publications. She was active as a private pilot traveling extensively marketing the publications at major aerospace events throughout the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean.

Sandra rolled out workshops on Boundaries and Divorce Recovery at her church. Sandra served on the Board for Attitudes and Attire, helping women reenter the workforce.

Sandra earned her Ph.D. and M.S. from Texas A&M, Commerce, Texas. Her B.A. is from The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia.


Marilynn Graves

Marilynn is an Executive Coach and High Performance Consultant and Leader for the MentorRings Leadership Development Program. She spent the first two decades of her career building success in the corporate world in banking and finance where she focused on relationship management and leadership program design and delivery for emerging leaders.

Marilynn is passionate about working with women and young professionals to help them advance and succeed throughout all stages of their careers. Her clients appreciate her strong business acumen and ability to help people drive business strategies and results.

Marilynn holds a MBA with a Finance concentration from DePaul Graduate School of Business and a BA from Illinois Wesleyan University (IWU). Marilynn is certified in Genos’ Emotional Intelligence programs, assessments and coaching, as well as The Leadership Challenge® programs, assessments and coaching. She currently serves as a Director of the IWU Alumni Board and President for the IWU Council for Women.


Brian Allen

Brian has over fifteen years’ experience as a Career Development Coach/Consultant in both corporate and private practice and is passionate about helping individuals take control of their own careers. Brian became a Career Coach while working for Southwest Airlines, where he was responsible for creating an internal career coaching program. Brian also worked as a Career Coach for Lockheed Martin, and is recognized as an authority in using assessment tools to help individuals make wise career choices.

Sandra Lopez Garza

Sandra Lopez Garza

Sandra Lopez Garza combines her 18+ year’s leadership experience with her solid bottom line career coaching approach. Her own career has given her a series of administrative and coaching experience, leadership training, and mentoring, and conflict resolution training.

With Sandra’s background in education and leadership development, she has developed new leaders and worked with many individuals as an internal career consultant. Sandra’s passion and mission provide a guiding light to job seekers and career changers as they navigate the waters of an ever-changing world of work. She works collaboratively, in partnership with her clients to identify the real issue(s), match values with career choices, gain more self-awareness, explore options, overcome obstacles and set goals with accountability.

Sandra has been member of United Way Leadership Society, Texas Principals and Supervisors Association, MANA Fort Worth, and The Hispanic Women’s Network. She currently serves on various boards, holding leadership roles within the community. She has volunteered in mentoring middle/high school students, while assisting in raising over 1/4 million dollars in college scholarships.

Areas of career consulting specialties include Career Transition; Career Change; Career Decisions; Retirement, Life and Career Options; Leadership Development; Program Management; Performance Coaching; and Training and Development.

Sandra earned her M.A. from the University of Texas at Austin and a B.A. from the University of Texas at San Antonio. Her post graduate studies have been at the University of North Texas and attended the Harvard School Urban School Leaders Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I call to obtain more information about Career Coaching options given my situation?
Absolutely. You can complete the Contact Us form, call 800-680-7768 or email Joe Frodsham directly at joef@careermp.com with any additional questions you may have.
What technology do you have that supports your Career Coaching?

With each of our coaching programs we provide access to a robust portal that supports every aspect of career evaluation and transition. Key features of the OI Solutions Career Center include:

  • Self-assessment tools to identify your career interests and relevant skill sets
  • Deep research tool (including LexisNexis™) to aid job search and target company intelligence.
  • 20 on-demand training sessions supporting all aspects career decision-making and transition.
  • Better preparation for interviews with an interview simulator that includes hundreds of questions and associated employer videos, with mock interviews and session playback.
  • Progress tracker so you can stay on schedule.
  • Multimedia content in video, audio podcasts, written tutorials and e-learning modules.
  • More appropriate job openings in your target industry, identified more expediently, along with contacts to short-circuit recruitment time.
  • Custom dashboard where practical job search tools are all presented in one place to supplement the advantages of a personal coach.

For a more comprehensive overview of OI Solutions Career Center see a video overview at: https://vimeo.com/268633252

When do I know I need a Career Coach?
You can benefit from a career coach any time in your career journey that you desire more success, joy, reward, fulfillment and impact in your job or professional life. That can be when you’re stuck in an unhappy career, or when you’re starting out and can’t figure out the best direction. It can be when you’re longing for more success and understand that how you’ve been trying to get there just isn’t working. It can also be a perfect time for a career coach when you’re ready to make a BIG change and need outside help to support it.

Specifically, you can use a coach if you fall into one or more of the following five categories:
  1. You want greater success and reward in your current job
  2. You are in transition and need a new job/career
  3. You want a thrilling new job in the same field that will leverage your current talents and abilities
  4. You want (or think you want) an entirely new career
  5. You consider launching a new venture and want to explore it more thoroughly
What outcomes can I achieve with the right Career Coach?
Ultimately, working with the right career coach can be truly life-changing experience. When working with great career coaches, people build new careers that align with their core interests, values and talents. They arrive at new ways to speak up for themselves and achieve tremendous success and fulfillment on their terms (not someone else’s). They begin find a path to obtaining what they want, even need, in life and work. They communicate more powerfully and ask for (and receive) what they deserve. They step up to negotiate for themselves and land achieve significant goals, which can include promotions and raises. They learn how to interview and network effectively and build a wonderful support community. And they start developing and sharing their unique personal brand in ways that bring wonderful new opportunities their way. In short, finding the right career coach and doing the work required to shift your life and career can yield tremendous positive outcomes that far surpass what you ever imagined possible for yourself and your life.
What happens if I don’t connect well with the assigned Career Coach, can I change Career Coaches?
We have a 94% Candidate success rate - our coaches are really good. However, sometimes the coach - participant relationship is not working. If that happens, we want to know right away. After the first session, you can call 800-680-7768 to request a change in coaches. We will provide a new coach, and you will get an extra session free to compensate for the session lost with the previous coach.
What if I am not satisfied with my resume or Linkedin profile?
Once the final version of the resume or Linkedin profile is delivered, we cannot issue a refund. So, please call 800-680-7768 if the initial draft or work with your consultant is not progressing effectively. We will do everything we can to put the right resource(s) on the job to get you an outstanding resume and LinkedIn profile.

What Clients Say

  • Your organization is superior in all respects. The knowledge, experience and human skills of your professionals is best I have ever worked with. Job transition at any age is hard and my consultant made the transition easier.

  • I want to say my consultant is awesome. The first day I met her it was like I’ve known her for years. She immediately helped me improve my resume, provided me with places to go for networking. Met with me every week. Provided me a lot the necessary tools in my job search. I really appreciate her for everything. She is a great asset to your organization. Thank you for all of your help.

  • My career coach was simply outstanding and I am very thankful to have been assigned to her. She was very inspirational and helped me maintain perspective when I needed it most. She was very helpful and I have the tools I need to find my perfect position and be successful. Thank you for everything!