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How to Get the Most from CSi50 Career Test

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What is Your Current State of Career Health?

Take our 5 minute career assessment test to find out.

The Career Success Indicator (CSi50) career assessment test is a culmination of years of research. Completing the CSi50 career test will provide you with deep and immediate insight into your current level of career health and success.

Simply respond to 25 pairs of statements, by clicking the statement that is currently most true of you. lf both statements describe you, click “Both True.”

We will interpret your career test results at the end of the survey.

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Interpreting Your CSi50 Career Test Results:

Click here for extended insights on your score and tips to improve.

As you’ve probably guessed, the higher your score the more your passions are currently finding expression in your work and career.

If your score is under 40, there is room to improve. If your score is over 40, you will want to know why your current job is working for you, so you can continue to create a fulfilling career.

As a guideline:

If your score is below 20 , you are/were feeling the effects of a job that is mostly to totally misaligned with your passion.

If your score is between 21 – 40 , you are/were experiencing some ups and downs, indicating aspects of the work energize you.

If your score is between 41 – 50 , You are/were generally to totally passionate about the work you are doing.

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