CMP is committed to providing customized, measurable solutions to build the talent necessary to execute your strategy. We are committed to ROI-as a result we provide customized solutions and measure results.


CMP’s coaching platform is a customized program inclusive of assessments, interviews and development plans designed around the needs of both the company and the individual employee.

  • Executive – the expectation of driving strategic alignment and company performance requires attainment of deep insight into each leader’s (or leadership candidate’s) capacity, style and potential vis-à-vis specific business objectives
  • Individual (all levels) – high impact customized programs devoted to the retention and development of key employees
  • Team Building – development focused on the team as a whole leads to more effective collaboration and decision-making. Well-balanced, high-functioning teams generate improvements in engagement, retention and profitability


CMP’s wide variety of assessment solutions provide companies with a unique competitive advantage. Our assessment-driven, contemporary solutions coupled with extensive talent development experience create measurable business results at the various stages of operations.

  • Candidate Selection – choosing the right talent at the critical stage of pre-hire and/or pre-internal promotion period
  • Leadership Potential – ensuring that your corporate strategy is never constrained by a lack of talent
  • Succession Planning – targeted coaching and assessment program expanding the leaders’ performance in current and future roles
  • Engagement – identifying and building the capabilities necessary to execute your mission and strategy
  • Enterprise Alignment – securing your company culture, values and enterprise initiatives

Our Process

  • Our Talent Development Solutions Team will assess the current state of your organizational teams and identify opportunities for better outcomes, including company financials, retention and engagement.
  • With CMP’s compilation of assessment tools, our team is able to quickly and effectively measure the core issues and opportunities. This leads to unique insight, targeted team development, collaboration and engagement resulting in attainment of financial performance metrics.
  • We use quantitative and qualitative data utilized to diagnose the company’s areas of strength and opportunity.
  • This process may include:
    • Organization Surveys
    • Focus Groups
    • Key Stakeholder Interviews
    • Succession and Talent Audit
    • Key Stakeholder/Individual/Team Assessments
    • Change Management Assessments
  • CMP’s thoughtful assessment and targeted development programs build organizational capability and help companies lead and manage change.